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I have returned to being able to acquire, build and/or supply several different plastic and/or aluminum parts which are original and/or correct for the Hy-Gain Order 500 Penetrator and the Order 473 CLR 2 @ antenna systems and just perhaps a few other makes and models of ground plane antennas. 
You may e- me with your needs and just perhaps I will be able to help you. 
I still have one complete but not refurbished Antenna Specialists MS 119 Super Scanner antenna system for sale.  It is for sale.  It is complete.  And all parts are good but it has not been furbished.  
I simply never found the time to re furbish it.  perhaps a few other makes and models of ground plane antennas.  You may e- me with your needs and just perhaps I will be able to help you.

I also have two re furbished and original Super Swamper antenna systems around here somewhere.  If you have any interests in them I will attempt to piece the systems back together,

Thanks to all for your interest in my site and for your past patronage. 

Jim Dent

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This is one of my refurbished  Hy-Gain Penetrator Order 500 (original configuration) antenna assemblies.  
I use good condition original parts when ever and where ever possible.  One primary reason for doing this is that many original parts were constructed of heavier gauge or slightly different  o.d. or i.d. size aluminum than currently available Hy-Gain replacement parts.  
I use only correct and original Hy-Gain replacement parts when ever and from where ever available.  
All necessary out of production and/or unavailable parts are expertly hand crafted and reproduced out of correct and original materials to meet or exceed exacting original specifications.  
All used original metal pieces and rod sections are expertly reconditioned and tested to present and perform as well as or better than new or I don't use them.  
All of the old original saddle type external compression clamps are replaced with new "Ideal" brand stainless steel compression hardware.
All original power wire assemblies in ALL of my penetrator 500 and ALL of my Super CLR2 antenna systems are upgraded from 18 gauge plastic coated stranded steel wire to 12 gauge THHN sheathed stranded copper wire.  
A word about the original Hy-Gain CLR2s:
I can make (up to, but not always) 100% original type repairs on older original CLR 2s.  It all depends on the condition of the original printed circuit board.  If "IT" has been severely damaged by lightning, power overloading or whatever it may not be repairable.  And to the best of my knowledge there are NO original N/O/S replacement circuit boards available.  Original used circuit boards are seldom located and are rarely found in reusable condition because of extreme age deterioration and other relevant factors.  
Very soon I hope to begin marketing an all new materials, exact reproduction (well, almost) of the original CLR 2 5/8ths wave omni-directional ground plane antenna system.  It will look exactly the same as the original on the outside BUT, "IT" will have a new 14 gauge THHN sheathed coiled solid copper wire base load instead of the old original printed circuit board.  That means that you can introduce just about all the extra power into the system you wish up to around 1500+ watts, exactly the same as the original Penetrator 500's specifications.
ALL defective printed curcuit boards in ALL refurbished original Hy-Gain CLR 2 antenna systems will be replaced and upgraded with a new 14 gauge THHN sheathed coiled solid copper wire base load. 
These are two of my antenna assemblies which are currently available.
The antenna on the left is my original configuration and build.  I call it a Super CLR 2.  It is basically a Hy-Gain CLR 2 Order 473 on steroids.  It is all new construction, it is not a refurbished antenna assembly.  
It is much larger than the original Hy-Gain CLR 2 configuration.  It measures out exactly the same in height & circumference as does the Penetrator 500 (22'9.5" (273.5") V and 8'9" H (105") (before tuning) and it uses the exact same matching rod and beta rod system as does the Penetrator Order 500.  It performs equally as well as the original Penetrator 500.  
The antenna on the right is a refurbished original Hy-Gain Penetrator Order 500 (original configuration).  
The mounting bracket, the upper insulator, the lower insulator housing and the power wire assembly are new.  
The horizontal element mounting plates, the matching rod, the beta rod and the anti-static (top hat) wires are all new fabrications and all seventeen rod sections are original. 
New end-terminal lugs come installed on one of the horizontal radial fastener assemblies to allow for direct antenna to direct ground (12 gauge THHN sheathed, stranded copper wire) grounding protection. 
Both of these antanna assemblies will ship partially assembled (as shown above) and final assembly takes less than fifteen minutes.
This is one of my refurbished original design Antenna Specialists M-119 Super Scanner base station electronic switching beam antenna systems.

There are ten steel pieces to the hub and vertical element mounting assemblies. 

After disassembly, all of these steel pieces are bead blasted down to bare metal and then straightened, if necessary.

They are then sprayed with two coatings of best quality zinc-oxide primer.

Then they get two coatings of "Cast Blast" brand gray lacquer flat finish paint.  

Then they get two coatings of "Krylon" brand clear coat sealer.

Then they are appropriately marked by original color code for proper installation and directional orientation.

Unless the original parts are in really good condition the three 1" x 36" square aluminum tubes (the horizontal arms) are replaced with new product.

All eighteen + and - aluminum rod sections are throughly cleaned inside and out and are then externally ground or polished to a high shine.  New capplugs (6) are installed.

All new cadmium plated Grade 5 fastening hardware is included.  And I use three times the amount of the original Grade 2 cheap stuff.  What this means "in English" is that if and when ever you might need to dis-assemble the assembly you can do so with ease.  There are no half sunken bolt heads or nuts that you can't get a wrench or socket on.  And my materials will not rust up so badly that you can't get the nut/bolt assemblies apart without damaging the hub sections or the rods.   

All 1/8" l hex head connection screws are replaced with new cadmium plated product.

All new mounting U clamp assemblies are included.  New end-terminal lugs are installed on one of the hub's fastener assemblies for direct antenna to direct ground (12 gauge THHN sheathed stranded copper wire) grounding protection.

All operators control boxes are inspected and cleaned inside and out and any repairs deemed necessary to return them to new operational specifications are made.

The relay box is completely reconditioned, a new warning decal is affixed and all enclosed relay assemblies are completely tested and/or replaced if and when deemed necessary.  

I use all new, original "Belden" brand RG58U cable for the three primary directional leads.  These are cut to precise nine foot lengths (as were the original leads) and are all properly color coded for proper installation and directional orientation.  I use solid brass circular external cable shims instead of the original aluminum external cable shims on the wire lead mounts for added strength and for extended cable and relay assembly life.  All new end terminal ring connectors are installed.  Again, both relays are checked for complete and proper operation or are replaced if and when deemed necessary with new product.

A complete 13 page copy of the correct original owner's assembly and operation instructions are included.  I

Incidentally, The correct color wiring code coming out of the bottom of the relay box (looking from left to right) is White (SW), Orange (N) and Red (SW)  Use any vertical element for North to begin your wiring.  Turn that element away from you.  Then White goes to the rear left element and Red goes to the rear right element.

The entire hub assembly is shipped completely assembled and final assembly takes less than a half hour.

This is a refurbishd Hustler brand .64 wavelength Super Swamper 27T Trumpet omni-directional ground plane antenna system.  
It is all original with the exception of a new coil load cover and it is in excellent condition.  It still retains it's original coil winding. 
The extra heavy duty mounting bracket is perfectly straight and it has been bead blasted.  The rods have been buffed to a very high shine.
It stands 23' tall (before tuning) and it has three full quarter wave 105" horizontal two-piece elements.  
It tunes down to 1.1 - 1.2 throughout the 40 channel bandwidth.
All new Grade 5 cadmium plated mounting hardware and new "Ideal" brand stainless steel external compression clamps are included.
There are no original instructions included or available (to me) at this time but it does come fully marked for proper assembly.
Complete assembly of this system takes less than fifteen minutes.  
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Just ever so often I am fortunate enough to locate and acquire a complete new old stock Super Scanner.  Sometimes they are still in the original box.  Sometimes they are not.  

Most times however I can and do find and purchase a N/O/S part here and a N/O/S part there and I am able to assemble and offer for sale a completely new antenna assembly.

Since there was no serialization done on these systems, and very few major parts modifications or individual metal parts change upgrades implemented it makes little or no difference (to me) how I group and market the complete N/O/S systems as long as I group the parts correctly to the original build time frames that I know of.

I always attempt to group and include the correct horizontal arms, the correct vertical element arm mounts, the correct operator's control boxes, the correct relay assemblies and the correct rod length packages that were originally supplied with either the original 25 channel version antenna systems (23 + 2 h.e.l.p. freqs) or the later 40 channel version antenna systems.

From a collector's point of view, I recognize that the antenna system should be pristeen, correct and totally original.  However (in my opinion) IF the antenna system is going to be used instead of just proped up over in the corner of your shack simply to be admired but never installed, it should be properly weather-treated and certain parts and pieces should be specifically treated or replaced.  I will explain what needs to be done by the buyer if he prefers to do this at a later date or I can do it at no extra charge prior to shipping, depending on the buyer's preference.

The antenna system shown above is a completely N/O/S 40 channel version that has not been properly weather treated or modified in any way.

When I have one of these assemblys available thay will ship completely disassembled (unless otherwise requested) in a new UPS shipping box.

I have no all new Super Scanner available at this time.

I have three refurbished Super Scanners available.  They are all the 40 channel version.  As stated above, ALL refurbished Super Scanner assemblies come weather treated.

Other N/O/S antenna assemblies currently available are:

MACO brand, V58 5/8ths wavelength omni-directional ground plane antennna assembly (Modified). (1)


Sorry, none of my refurbished antenna assemblies listed below are currently available.

Hustler brand, .64 wavelength Super Swamper "Model 27T" (Trumpet)  (2)

MACO brand, V5000 5/8ths waelength omni-directional ground plane assembly (Modified). (1)


Incomplete antenna refurbishments currently in progress are:

A/Specialists brand, Model M-119 Super Scanner, 40 Ch version (3)

"OUTLAW'S"  Antennas site!  Your Source for NEW, REFURBISHED & N/O/S Antenna Specialists, Hustler & Hy-Gain Citizens Band & Ham Radio service Antenna Systems

 Offering only the very best in new and refurbished classic communications antennas!
"Outlaw's" Motto ...  IF IT'S IN STOCK, I'VE GOT IT!
I established this web site on July 02 '10.  It will be a continual work in progress. I will be adding additional information and images as I find the time.

I build and supply only the very best in original N/O/S, original refurbished and entirely new high quality citizens band and ham radio service communications antenna assemblies to discriminating citizens band and ham  radio operators.  I have done so for the last six years. 

I specialize in the Hy-Gain Penetrator Order 500 5/8ths wavelength (original and both secondary configurations) Omni-Directional Ground Plane antenna systems and the Antenna Specialists M-119 Super Scanner electronic switching beam type antenna systems.

I have several refurbished examples of Antenna Specialists M-117 Super Magnum Omni-Directional ground plane antenna assemblies and both of Hustler's .64 wavelength Super Swamper & Super Swamper 27T Trumpet ground plane antenna assemblies.

I ship all of my antenna systems by UPS ground (fully insured) using only all new UPS boxing and new packing materials.  

I do solicit and perform custom antenna repair and assembly work on certain specific brands and types of citizens band and ham radio service antenna systems that I am familiar with.

I also PURCHASE both new and used parts (for) and complete new old stock, previously used Hy-Gain Penetrators (all three models), Huster Super Swampers & "27T Trumpet" Super Swampers, and Antennna Specialists MS-119 Super Scanners, M-117 Super Magnums and Antenna Specialists M-227 Mighty Magnum IIIs.