Hello and Welcome to my classic cb antennas website!

I am Jim Dent,

I am a retired City of Lexington (Kentucky) firefighter and Lexington-Fayette Urban County (Kentucky) Metro police officer.  I have been playing around with citizens band radio off and on since the early '60s.  "Playing" being the operative word. 

I don't claim to be extremely knowledgible on many matters, especially in the field of radio communications.  However what I do write on or accept to be published on this site will be done with the purest and most innocent of intentions and will be presented in a straight forward manner.  Everyting written will be honestly presented for the sake of the reader's enjoyment and mental disection only.  Any errors are mine alone to bear. 

I have been rebuilding specific types of citizens band and ham radio service ground plane and beam antennas for the last five years or so and I have been offering repair services  and retail sales of  both N.O.S. & same for the last three + years.

I do this as a hobby and not as a full time business. 

I enjoy doing this and I take great personal pride in my work and I always strive to deliver a top quality product to my customers. 

To date and after approximately 150 sales +  (of mostly refurbished antenna assembly sales) I have had only one minor complaint (no major complaints) which dealt with the quality of my rebuild of a relay assembly component on a Super Scanner.  This complaint was early on and from a purchaser in Pennsylvaia a couple of years back, and it was well justified.  The complaint was immediately rectified to the customer's complete satisfaction at no additional expense to him whatsoever,  and I learned a great deal from it.  It enabled me to redesign, construct and deliver a better product which in the end is far superior (my opinion) to A/S's original construction buildup.

This is a new website as of Aug 02, 2011.  It is a work in progress.  I will be adding additional information and images on all five pages as I find the time.

In particular, it will be my purpose (and pleasure) to offer forth several "low-tech" but basically very important tips on topics which I believe are (or should be) of interest to the averge user of the citizens band radio service. 

Some of these articles will be written by me with input and guidance from others and some will be written by invitation by folks who know considerably more than I do on a particular subject in which I am interested.

Fair warning, my subject matter(s) will usually have some tie-in or relationship to subjects concerning personal safety, basic (but often misunderstood) topics of common citizens band radio dogma or knowledge (or the lack of it) and/or definitions of basic equipment or accessories, performance myths and/or subjects in particular which you may have heard all of your life, but never really understood, or believed.

If you have any questions about anything whatsoever pertaining to the contents of this website or about any of the items listed and detailed on it please feel free to contact me directly using any of the contact numbers and/or addresses listed within.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please come back soon, and often.



I received an e-mail tonight which has caused me to make a concious decision to post the first of several of my favorite responses, mostly from non-purchasing viewers, to my website.

I am doing this out of sincere appreciation for these responses and not out of some self-serving attempt to drum up business or to appear to be a bigger and more pompas smart-ass than that which I realize I already am.

I hope you enjoy browsing thru and critiqueing these unsolicited comments and  various viewpoints (as they are added ) which these folks (who seem to share a few of the same basic ideas that I do) cared enough about and thought enough of to offer up. 
                                                                                                        February 25, 2011
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Comments, Criticisms & Other Fun Stuff sent in from various site visitors.

Hi Jim,

Just a quick note to let you know that I love your website.  I started out on CB/11-meters and am now 99.99% CW on the HF bands; The other 0.01% being 10-meter phone mobile during my daily commute to/from "the job".   I am a third generation law enforcement officer and it always warms my heart when I meet folks who share both fraternities.  My 10 year old lad is about to take his Tech exam and is looking forward to "talking me in" after school.

My call sign is a living tribute to the man who sparked my interest in all things RF.  My father was, and still is, an avid airband enthusiast and SWL.  When he saw me replace the fixed telescopic antenna on my birthday present, (circa 1976) a 100mW 27 MHz h/t, with a homemade 1/2L dipole; Dad made sure I had all the support I needed to keep me interested in radio communications.

Dad is N.Y.P.D. (ret.) and served his longest stint at the 78 Pct. in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  At 6 ft. 4 in., dad was the tallest officer in the command.  His fellow officers bestowed the nickname “Watusi” upon him after the West African tribesmen who routinely grew quite tall.  The nickname stuck and even the local citizens on his beat knew him as “Watusi.”

Dad lives with us now (Always take care of those who took care of you).  He is still well enough to appreciate the meaning of my call sign and knows that every time my call takes to the ethers it is the highest expression of my profound gratitude.  I didn’t want to wait until it was too late to say thank you to the man whose encouragement led me to a lifetime of personal enjoyment.

Perhaps we'll do business in the future. Be well and stay safe. Take care,

Vy 73 de Bert

" ... and all the pieces matter. "

-- Det. Lester Freamon, BPD                                                                                                                                                       February 24, 2011