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Huster Super Swamper Model 27T (Refurbished) @ $375. + Spg.

A/S Super Magnum Model M-117 (Refurbished) @ $375. + Spg.

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Several months ago I decided that I wanted to write up an informative but basically simple article which would pertain primarily to the refurbishing of the Penetrator 500 antenna assembly, as well as a few other relevent antenna related issues. 

Four of these articles are now available for viewing on Pages 6 & 7.

And a lot of the information in these dissertations will apply equally well to many other old and similar antenna assemblies as well. 

The sole purpose of these articles is to offer some free and personal tips on the disassembly, reconditioning and reassembly of these old antenna systems as well as the proper and safe reinstallation and tuning of same.

I also plan to invite several guest contributors whose expertise and opinions I respect (and from whom I have learned a great deal in the past several years) to write on various and related CB radio articles of interest.  These folks will also explain topics in plain english rather than in "technocrat-ese". 

I also want to offer folks the opportunity to comment on and/or contribute to these discussions and to suggest additional articles which they feel might be of general interest.


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